Personal Development Zone

The Personal Development zone is dedicated to helping you to unlock and fulfil your real potential, and uncover the real you - a more satisfied, more successful, more motivated person with the life and career you really want.

This zone will provide you with the techniques you need to help you grow personally and professionally. You will attain the know-how to apply those techniques to their full advantage, and you will gain the motivation to continue applying them throughout your life.

The course covers such essential skills as being able to recognise the differences in your life, your personality, your abilities that can make all the difference to your future. You’ll learn how to maximise your use of time to achieve higher productivity with less effort.

Discover the keys to assertiveness, the secrets of goal setting and how to provide the personality profiler, an increasing part of recruitment, with your real strengths and values.

• Discover your differences that could make all the difference
• Successful time management to achieve more in less time
• Assert yourself
• The importance of goal setting
• Manage stress to cope with every situation
• Personality profiling - what it means for your career

The Personal Development zone offers specialist training in seven key areas of your life that you will need to improve upon if you are to truly fulfil your own personal potential. These areas are the keys to successful development - it is essential that you understand their importance and learn how to maximise the techniques for improvement that they offer.

The seminars cover how to develop your personality to make your life more successful; how to maximise your time to become more productive and use this valuable commodity to the full; how to become more assertive, particularly if you feel that others control your life and your actions; the importance of setting attainable life and career goals; how to recognise the differences within yourself that set you apart, and which can help you to succeed; how to handle the potentially harmful effects of stress to excellent use; how to deal with personality profiling and what it means for you and your relationships.

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