Management & Leadership Zone

Management and leadership are about more than just being in charge. You need to make sure that everyone in your team is effective, efficient and knows how to develop and cultivate the winning habit. And you need to inspire not just yourself but all those you are responsible for, to ensure that your whole team becomes the success that you deserve.

Everyone wants the promotion they feel they deserve - but how many of us are actually equipped to deal with the extra responsibilities and pressures that it brings? The Management and Leadership zone will provide you with the personal and professional tools that you need to ensure that you become a more effective manager and a more successful leader.

Discover the secrets of empowering and inspiring your staff, providing yourself with the knowledge and ability to handle any situation confidently and successfully, qualities which will inevitably lead to peak performance.

Become a highly effective manager
Develop high impact leadership
Learn the difference between managing and leading
Develop winning teams
Achieve peak performance levels
Conduct meetings effectively
Learn how to manage change

Management and leadership take more than just promotion. Whether you are responsible for a small, tightly knit unit or a large multinational corporation, getting the most out of those around you takes real skills and specialist techniques. Effective managers aren't always good leaders, and inspirational leadership can go far further than talented management alone. These seminars will help you to combine the two qualities to ensure success for all, from each individual to the entire organisation.

The seminars cover how to analyse strengths and weaknesses, while developing specialist managerial abilities; how to use leadership to motivate your team towards achieving its goals; how to develop the qualities of a truly effective manager; how to provide the impact that results in peak performance, and keeps the team at its peak; how to conduct successful, efficient meetings that actually get things done; how to solve problems and make the key decisions essential for success; how to delegate effectively for maximum success; and how to manage change smoothly and successfully.

Management & Leadership : Zone 2 Courses
Effective Problem Solving And Decision Making
Managing Change
Conducting Successful Meetings

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