Introduction To Marketing - To Your Build Business

Category: Marketing & Business Growth : Zone 5

Course Outline:
A seminar to assist those who want to learn more about what are fundamental steps to marketing to build their business. * What is Marketing o Elements of Marketing? o Marketing - A Total Concept * The Marketing Mix o Marketing vs. Selling o Marketing Communication - Branding & Logo * Undertaking Marketing Research o Research Methods - Qualitative and Quantitative o Work on Case Study o Simulate Test marketing * Market Segmentation o Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic * Marketing Management o Strategic Pricing o Factors Affecting Price o Preparing Sales Forecasts o Considering Environment and Market Factors * Product Development o Product Life Cycle o New Product Development o Product and Market Strategies o Portfolio Analysis o Finding Gaps in Market * Marketing Plan (Strategies) o Strategies for Competitive Marketing * Marketing Communication o Advertisement planning o Marketing on the Internet o Publicity and Press Relations o The Role of the Sales Force o Promotion Offers o Merchandising o Direct Marketing o Preparing a Promotion Campaign o Marketing Development Plans * Personal Action Plan

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