Personalizing Your Career Development

Category: Career & Employment : Zone 3

Course Outline:
Careers today We are all individuals, and the decisions we make have to suit our individual personalities, needs and satisfactions. Whether you have given a lot of thought to your future career or not, this course is designed to give you some very practical assistance in making your career choices. Explore the reality of careers in the work marketplace today. By looking at employment trends and their likely effects on the skills needed in future, it also establishes a background from which other activities can be built. The golden rule is not to feel pressured into making a quick decision. Making Decisions To make decisions, you need to know enough about the various possibilities. You probably would not choose between six different holidays without knowing something about all of them. The same applies to jobs. One person may love something that you would hate and vice versa, so you need to try and make your decisions independently from other peoples' points of view. Allow yourself some time each week to devote to career activities. Timetable it if you can starting with "you". Assessing Your Own Transferable Skills  "But I haven't got any skills", you might be saying to yourself. Of course you do! We all do! You might recognise them by other names - talents, gifts or aptitudes. Skills are the essence of what we contribute to the world. Skills obtained from past experience and training/ education. Reflect on your achievements - the easiest way to start is with your academic achievements. Evaluating your Technical and Technological knowledge and expertise.  Be honest with yourself about known disabilities or physical impairments that may impact upon what you want to do - allergies, colour blindness, back problems, etc. It doesn't always mean you can't do a particular job, but you need to be aware of how you would manage  Checking Your Values, attitudes and motivation which hinge on Future career. Your Interests & Personal and Family Circumstances - Be realistic. Face up now to the impact of these on your employment in terms of hours, financial commitments, limitations with regard to location or personal commitments etc. Your Personal Values like: What are the most important things to you? What turns you on... and off? What are you committed to? How much power and responsibility do you want in the work place?  Understanding Behaviour Patterns, which can impact Career and prospective Employers.  Goals and ambitions which need to be analysed as often not looked at in detail and not focused.  Understanding Career Options: Planning and accepting change. Consider such aspects as working on your own / with other people; giving / taking supervision; dealing with the public; persuading people; working with machinery; working indoors / outdoors etc.  Producing a career plan  Presenting myself in writing and face-to-face is critical  Networking to develop personal links and working on recommendations.

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