Category: Management & Leadership : Zone 2

Course Outline:
One of the main responsibilities, as a leader is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the team in relation to its goals and to provide the motivation and skills to achieve those goals. This course will help the leader to improve the direction, motivation and goal achievement of its team. Topics covered:  Understanding the difference between leadership and management  Seeing the bigger picture  Personal SWOT analysis  Analysing your own leadership style  What skills and behaviours do exceptional leaders adopt?  How to adopt a modern leadership style  Setting standards and follow up  Motivation theory and practice  Motivating for optimum performance  Change negative attitudes to positive  Overcome barriers to delegation  Empowering and delegating  Team development issues  Decision making and problem solving  Dealing with conflict  Ability to say no  The difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour  Preparing your personal leadership action plan for improvement  Why the leader must embrace change to act as a catalyst for change  Learning to identify the difference between the emotional and rational response to change  Analysing training needs  Giving feedback

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