Effective Problem Solving And Decision Making

Category: Management & Leadership : Zone 2

Course Outline:
1 Day seminar Would you like to be seen as someone who sorts things out? Problem solving are key skills for success in many organisations today. This course helps you with Effective problem solving and decision-making, using proven methods of getting results. Our seminars are highly interactive, giving you a toolkit of problem solving techniques designed to develop your own natural creativity. Stand back from the emotional issues, and look rationally and laterally at challenges.  Define the Problem  Problem identification - Getting to the root cause  The problem solving cycle  Gather Facts and Data  Identify barriers to the solution of problems  Develop Alternative Solutions  How to get results through creativity - Brainstorming with a difference  Thinking outside the box  Analyse Alternatives  Evaluate and select  Gain acceptance  Decision Making  Action plan  Evaluate the outcome

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