Communications & Customer Care Zone

Without customers, your business is nothing. And unless you care for those customers, communicating with them when the time is right - as well as when things go wrong - you will have no customers and no business.

Customer Care is one of the most important areas of any business. Yet it is often the most neglected and misunderstood.

Customers are your lifeblood - whether your business is high volume low value, high value low volume, consumer based or business to business, product based or service based caring for your business means caring for your customers.

On average, it costs 16 times more to find a new customer for a new product than it does to get an existing customer to give you more business. So it essential to train your employees to communicate successfully with your customers to both develop and safeguard your business.

• Make first impressions count
• Effective communications
• Call centre training
• Handling difficult customers
• Overseas training - including British accent training
• Excellence in customer care

This zone is designed to help your employees to develop the confidence, attitudes, knowledge and skills required to provide truly excellent customer service. The seminars increase the awareness of just how much impact each individual has on attracting, retaining and developing business through customer service. Your employees will learn how to develop their own personal action plans to improve the quality of not just their own response, but the organisation as a whole. What’s more, it emphasises the most important part of any communications strategy - the ability to listen to what the customer is saying and to respond in kind, regardless of what the customer wants to hear.

The various seminars cover call centre training, both here in the UK and overseas; communications and how to ensure that you communicate effectively, both internally and with your customers; how to respond and rise to the challenges of difficult situations; how to put customers at ease; how to retain customers when loyalty is crucial than ever; taking positive steps to eliminate problems and conflicts; how to provide and accept constructive criticism; using modern technology for more effective communications; cultural issues; managing information; personal development.

Communications & Customer Care: Zone 4 Courses
Powerful Communications Skills

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